Sole Rasp

Easier and safer than a hoof knife for you and your horseConcaving Sole Rasp

The right tool fit for the job

Hoof Knife

Safer than a traditional hoof knife in action

  • The Concaving Sole Rasp is formed to fit your horse’s foot concavity and crevices.
  • Its unique triangular-shape andĀ finger friendly hand-grips allows access to a variety of effective angles and actions.
  • Eats up excessive or deteriorated horn with a coarse rasp-like surface, but it’s less aggressive and easier on hooves and hands.
  • Makes it simple to smoothly hone and blend the sole, commissures, and bars.

Watch the video to see how easy and effectively it works.
You gotta have Sole!

  • Promote clean healthy sole growth with this uniquely designed tool.
  • Remove decaying dead horn that can lead to thrush or trap dirt and bacteria.
  • Safer more precise control with less worry of a slip of the wrist soring your horse.
  • Gradually sculpt surfaces at your own speed and skill level.
  • Plus it’s on of the best hoof picks you’ll ever own
  • Cleans up easily with a wire brush

Sole Rasp Instructions icon

Please read for the most benefit to your horse!!!

This tool is NOT intended to carve out concavity to create the ideal hoof shape in one session. You should NEVER attempt that with any tool. If your horse is flat footed, it’s because of underlying issues and should be addressed by a professional. Over thinning of the sole is going to make your horse very sore, unhappy and unsound. Please download read full instructions in this printable PDF.

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One-handed action. Using two hands. Using like a hoof pick. Cleaning out white line.